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摘 要:《学生体质健康标准》是《国家体育锻炼标准》的一个组成部分,是《国家体育锻炼标准》在学校中的具体应用。《学生体质健康标准》测试的目的是为了贯彻和落实“健康第一”的精神,促进学生积极参加体育锻炼,上好体育课,增强学生的体质和提高健康水平。本文主要通过文献资料法、数理统计、问卷调查法、专家访谈法等研究方法,对黄山学院体质健康测试中存在的的相关问题进行分析研究;通过对测试场地、测试仪器、测试时间安排、测试人员数量及待遇、院系领导的态度、体育教师的态度、学生的认知、测试人数问题等问题的调查研究,找出黄山学院体质健康测试实施中存在的主要问题,并在此基础之上提出相应的改进措施与建议。笔者希望通过该研究能够切实促进《学生体质健康标准》在黄山学院的具体实施,对全面贯彻实施“健康第一”的教育指导思想,对促进学院培养全面发展的高素质人才具有重要的现实意义。


Test Research《Physical Health Standards For Students》
Abstract:"Students Health Standard" is the "National Physical Training Standards"  an integral part of, Is "National Physical Training Standards" in the schools of the specific application. "Student's health standard" test is designed to carry out and implement the "Health First" spirit of the promotion of students to participate actively in physical exercise, better physical education, and enhance the health of students and improve health. In this paper, through literature and mathematical statistics, surveys, expert interviews and other research methods, Huangshan University of Health tests the existence of an analysis of issues related to research; Through the test sites, test instrumentation, test timing, the number of tests and treatment, the attitude of faculty leadership, sports, the attitude of teachers, students of knowledge, the number of issues such as testing of a survey to find out Huangshan University of Physical Health Test the implementation of the main problems, and on this basis the corresponding measures for improvement and recommendations. I hope that through the effective promotion of the study, "student's health standard," Huangshan University in the concrete implementation of the full implementation of "health first" guiding ideology of education in promoting the comprehensive development of institutes for training of highly qualified personnel has important practical significance .

Key words :Huangshan University ; University Student; Physique Test ;status quo;suggestion